Amplify your good and take it to a new level!


We all want to do good, to help others - it's what makes us human.

We live in a time when we are all flooded with information - some helpful, some entertaining, some useless. We are also living in a time of great need - so many need help in so many ways. And we are living in a time of great change - technology has been disrupting lots of things - lots of new ways to do old things.

Amp Your Good was founded based upon the idea of using technology to make helping out easier to do, more social, more efficient and more impactful. We want to amplify the good in everyone by enabling their good intentions to have the greatest impact.

How do we help people amplify their good?

We are huge fans of goods based giving. It's a popular way for people to help out and a great way to connect your good intention to how you are helping.

It's why there are so many food drives, blanket drives, toy drives and other types of drives each year that organizations and people run and donate to. Our platform addresses some of the challenges of the traditional way of donating goods by modernizing how these drives work. We make them easier to organize, easier to donate to, more social, more environmentally friendly and more fun. We also address one of the biggest issues with this type of giving - the mismatch between what people donate and what the charity actually needs.

How are we fixing food drives? With Crowd-Feeding!

Most people are familiar with food drives - they have either donated to one or organized one (or both)! Traditional food drives are great but they come with limitations. They are limited to non-perishable food items, limited to people who live close enough to the collection box and have the time to get there to make their donation. Often times people donate food that is not usable - it's expired, or the can is damaged or sometimes it's the wrong stuff (soda and candy, anyone?).

We developed a new type of food drive called Crowd-Feeding to address those limitations. Crowd-Feeding ensures that every donation counts. Crowd-Feeding enables food drives to raise healthy food: perishable food like fresh fruits and vegetables, organic food, whole meals and lots of other healthy food. Why? Because people facing hunger also struggle with diet related health issues - things like diabetes, obesity and hypertension - due to lack of access to healthy food. Crowd-Feeding ensures that people facing hunger get the food they really need.