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Kraus Marketing Raises the Roof - Literally!

Harding Avenue Project Building Materials Drive - Help Us Change the Lives of Four Families for Life!
Buy the items you want to donate and they'll be delivered for you to Morris Habitat for Humanity


We're running this drive to raise building materials for Morris Habitat's upcoming Harding Avenue project in Dover, NJ.  We looking to raise the lumber, windows, doors and other building materials needed to construct the project.

We also excited to be taking part in a "first of its kind" drive where you can make a donation by selecting the exact building materials you would like to contribute.  Purchase those materials here at this website and Home Depot will deliver them for you directly to the Harding Avenue project.

To amplify your donation, we'll match it - board by board, window by window - so your donation will have a double impact!

Morris Habitat homes are built by hundreds of volunteers with over 10,000 volunteer visits per year.  They work alongside partner families who are required to invest at least 300 hours of sweat equity toward the construction of their home or another Habitat project.  It's a terrific program and one that Kraus Marketing is proud to support.

To help out, select the Donate button and you'll  find a list of materials needed for the project.  You'll recieve a confirmation of your purchase, a notification when your donated materials have been delivered and a tax receipt.

 Thanks for your support!

Nicholas J. Kraus and the Team at Kraus Marketing










Kimberly Donati donated: 4 6D Galvanized Roofing Nails 5 LBS, 2 Hip and Ridge Roof Shingles
Nick and Staff- Thank you for all that you do for Kim's Barkery. I have been blessed by your talents. Hoping you reach your goal!

Dec 03, 2014

Raymond McConnell donated: 3 Roof Shingles
JRM Global Training is proud to contribute to this worthy cause. Regards, Raymond McConnell Founder and President

Dec 01, 2014

Douglas Born donated: 2 2" x 4" Studs, 1 R30 Insulation Roll

Dec 01, 2014

Theresa Nitti donated: 2 Sheetrock 1/2" x 4' x 10'

Nov 30, 2014

karen Mantzouranis donated: 1 2" x 8" x 20' Framing Lumber, 1 4' x 8' Tongue & Groove OSB

Nov 28, 2014

David Quick donated: 2 2" x 4" Studs, 1 19/32" 4' x 8' OSB Sheating, 1 2" x 10" x 10' Framing Lumber
Total Cover IT is pleased to contribute to the building of this home.

Nov 26, 2014

Anthony Calabrese donated: 1 2" x 8" x 20' Framing Lumber

Nov 25, 2014

Todd Harrell donated: 1 Roof Shingles, 1 Roof Shingles
Your friends at TeamLogic IT

Nov 25, 2014

Alan Levine donated: 1 2" x 8" x 20' Framing Lumber

Nov 25, 2014

Joseph Stampone donated: 1 2" x 8" x 20' Framing Lumber

Nov 25, 2014

Roger Skula donated: 1 2" x 8" x 20' Framing Lumber

Nov 25, 2014

Christopher Gillan donated: 1 2" x 8" x 20' Framing Lumber

Nov 24, 2014

Joanie Strauss donated: 2 Sheetrock 1/2" x 4' x 10'

Nov 21, 2014

Steven Hennigan donated: 1 2" x 8" x 20' Framing Lumber
From your friends at Bay Roofing!

Nov 20, 2014

Mark Mandel donated: 2 Roof Shingles
ProTect Painters wishes the owner of this home many years of happiness and to everyone who made this new home possible a joyful Holiday Season!

Nov 20, 2014

Patrice Boyle donated: 6 2" x 4" Studs
2x4's- Because there were so many times I wanted to use them- but never on you, Nick! I am so proud to have worked with you!!! Pat

Nov 17, 2014